Video Recordings

December 6, 1989
Rock-It Club
Tampa, Florida, USA
1 Dual Layer DVD
74 mins

01a. Temptation Revelation (Taped Intro)
01b. Of Rage And War
02. The Unholy
03. Beyond The Doors Of The Dark
04. White Witch
05. 24 Hours Ago
06. Strange Wings
07. Gutter Ballet
08. Thorazine Shuffle
09. Devastation
10. When The Crowds Are Gone
11. Mentally Yours
12. Hounds
13. Sirens
14. City Beneath The Surface
15. Power Of The Night

Bonus / 1-Camera Footage (Lenght: 33:42) :
1. The Unholy
2. Beyond The Doors Of The Dark
3. White Witch
4. Mentally Yours
5. Hounds
6. Sirens
7. City Beneath The Surface

Band Members:
Jon Oliva - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Criss Oliva (R.I.P.) - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris(topher) Caffery - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Johnny Lee Middleton III - Bass
Steve "Dr. Killdrums" Wacholz - Percussion

Presented for your approval: THE 30th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION of Metal legends SAVATAGE live in their hometown of Tampa, Florida at the famed Rock-It Club on December 6, 1989 - a mere 5 days after the release of their then new album "Gutter Ballet." A 1-camera version of this video has been floating around in trading circles for a few years... however a 2nd camera was in the audience that night and this new 2-cam edit has never been available until now... almost 30 years after their blistering performance that night!! The Rock-It Club didn't know what had hit them by the time the first two new songs were played... "Of Rage And War" and "The Unholy"!!! Truly a great performance by the Savaboys and a very watchable DVD. The audio on the original recording was highly distorted and almost unlistenable, however the new remastering of the audio makes it much more enjoyable and a true classic Savatage bootleg that you will cherish if you are a fan of this band.  This appears to be the first performance of the new Gutter Ballet material before a live audience, and what better place to debut it than in front of their hometown fans and friends It is also one of, if not the first performances of new rhythm guitarist Christopher Caffery (now a long time member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra), who was added to the band as a full-time member after the Gutter Ballet album was recorded to bolster the band's overall live sound.

Cover Artwork
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